Employee of the month

The club reintroduced the Employee of the Month award to honour our staff that spend long hours behind the scenes to prepare and maintain our fields, buildings and serve you ice cold drinks! 

Blairgowrie Spar generously sponsored a R500 gift voucher for the winner each month! 

With this we salute the hard work of our staff and create a platform for the members to get to know the familiar faces a bit better.   

Employee of the month of

October: Howard Ngwira

Howard Ngwira is our employee with green fingers and love for all plants. He started as our gardener in 2014 and has watered, planted and pruned our extensive gardens with a smile and earphones providing music.

Howard was born in Lilongwe in Malawi and moved to Zimbabwe when he was 7 years old. His earliest childhood memories is his dad working the fishing nets in the lake and the boys stealing some fish to eat! After finishing school he moved to South Africa and found work in a bottle store. Soon after he was employed by Rain King where he worked for 22 years installing irrigation and doing landscape and designing. He helped design and maintain the gardens at the premier Balalaika hotel, as well as Fourways Mall and the Village Walk. His favourite tree is the Bottle Brush tree. We are happy to receive donations of plants and rest assured, Howard will find a perfect spot for it at the Club

He enjoys the different activities at the club, working with people and shyly appealed to the smokers not to throw their cigarette butts into his pot plants or gardens. (We cannot agree more!)

Howard is married to Francina, stays in Alexandra and has 6 kids, the youngest 3 years old. He now also loves being a grandad, spoiling his two grandkids with sweets and presents! The Xenophobia in the country is worrying him and he has personal experiences with this. The hardest part is to try and explain that to his young children…

One surprising skills of Howard: he is an expert at sewing and making clothes, all taught but his mother. He bought a sewing machine with his wife who is also designing and making African attire from home. He can do alterations and make trousers, but is a bit lazy to make his own clothes nowadays. Instead he would help his wife with the sewing and in return has received a few handmade shirts!

Thank you Howard and enjoy your R500 voucher from Spar Blairgowrie!