Employee of the month

The club reintroduced the Employee of the Month award to honour our staff that spend long hours behind the scenes to prepare and maintain our fields, buildings and serve you ice cold drinks! 

Blairgowrie Spar generously sponsored a R500 gift voucher for the winner each month! 

With this we salute the hard work of our staff and create a platform for the members to get to know the familiar faces a bit better.   

Employee of the month of


Alpheus Lesibane Matlhala

Alpheus Lesibana Matlhala is a familiar face as Old Parks Head Barman, serving up cold draughts and joking with the regular visitors. Born and bred in Ellisras, he is married with Johanna and they have five children with ages ranging from 22-35 years.

At school, young Alpheus saw a gap to earn some money, bought his first camera and started taking portraits of people and selling the framed photos to his customers. With this money he bought his first bicycle!

Moving to Hillbrow in 1982, he started his career in the Parklane Hotel working in the scullery with promotions to wine steward and then barman where he loved making exotic cocktail for customers. In 1988 he started at Old Parks and has seen people coming and going and has lots of interesting stories! One being Harry Breakey who insisted bringing his dog to the bar. At that point no dogs were allowed at the club and when he was reprimanded, he ended up paying subs for the dog to be allowed in the bar! Apart from him being an avid bowler, Alpheus tagged along one year with the hockey section to Swaziland and ended up playing 9 hockey games in a tournament with no knowledge of this sports!

Alpheus would like to visit Botswana to view the wild animals and experience the culture of the land. He wishes for Old Parks to grow and prosper and is worried about the load shedding and the impact it has on people’s jobs.

Alpheus was chosen as employee of the month for the management of stock and big orders for corporate functions over 1300 people. He was instrumental in fighting the fire we had at the Indoor Soccer clubhouse at 1am in the morning with three other staff members when the fire brigade showed up 3 hours later . . .

Thanks you Alpheus and enjoy your Christmas shopping with your R500 voucher from Blairgowrie Spar!.